Inkjet Printable RFID Card, can be provided with glossy,matt, frosted laminated/finished.

Available chips: about contacless cards, for LF 125khz, including TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 etc,  and for HF 13.56mhz, including S50, F08, ntag213, Ntag216,  Topaz512 etc, for UHF 860-960mhz, usually Alien H3; about contact cards, SIE5542, SLE5528, SLE4442, SLE4428 etc.    

Available application of Inkjet Printable RFID Card: enterprises, bank, traffic, insurance, super marketing, parking, school, library, access etc. 

The sample of  Inkjet Printable RFID Card would be provided free.

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