RFID Keyfob Descriptions:

RFID Keyfob is also knownas Keytag, Keychain, and it is a electronic device used for Access Control,Its  applications can be witnessed at Housing, Underground Parking Lot,Shopping Mall, library, E-Campus, Security Protection, Transportation andE-payment, which make our life comfortable. 

The available LF chips of RFID Keyfob include TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577. The The available HF chipsinclude MF S50, MF S70, Ultralight (C), FM08.

Their memories include 64bits, 128bits,512 bits, 363 bits, 1K bytes, 4K bytes, 64/192 bytes.

Of course, we can providecustomized dimension and design.

RFID Keyfob Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • The Dimension of the Keyfob: Customize
  • Workmanship: Silk Screen Printing + LaserEngraving
  • Operating Temperature: -25℃-100℃
  • Colors:  Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Grey etc
  • More valuable products in the page with RFID Card and RFID Inlay Sheet

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