RFID Combo Card Descriptions:

RFID Combo Card is made by composite of high frequency and high frequency card or high frequency and low frequency card. Its main characteristic is a multi-purpose card. It is not only with a advantage of magnetic stripe card, but also with IC card features.

RFID Combo Card adopts the non-contact design, and directly pays by radio frequency mode with the characteristics of safe, convenient, wear-resisting and quick. It is mainly used for the bank, school, government authority, etc.

RFID Combo Card Specifications:

  • ID (LF) Card & IC (HF) Card
  • TEGIC (HF) Card & IC/T5557 (HF) Card
  • 4442/4428 (LF) Contact Card & IC (HF) Card
  • 4442/4428 (LF) Card & ID (LF) Card
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