Injected Microchip For Pet Management

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Injected Microchip For Animal Management, Planted Chip For Dog/Cat 

This is a kind of syringe that designed exclusively for animals. It contains a disposable syringe, a parylene coating microchip, 6 one-dimensional bar code labels and a sterilized paper-plastic packing pouch.

This product meets all international standards of animal identification (ISO 11784/ISO 11785). Each syringe is produced using top quality European chips with read/write capability and features unique data security. Coupled with Tech reader series, it provides a beneficial solution in animal breeding, slaughter management and animal identification.

As we adopt the 1.4*8mm microchip electronic tag produced by the world’s leading technology, this syringe is light, handy and more humane to use.

Last update: Jan 03, 2020

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