RFID Jewelry Sticker/Tag for Jewelry Management

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This RFID Tag is used for Jewelry management. It is convenient and safe. Besides, you can search the model number and location of the tag. 

This is the RFID Tag for anti-fake function and finding root, especially in jewelry store and wine store. Once you take off the tag, the tag will be broken. So it can be sure that the goods are completed and true.

The RFID Tag is usually utilized with the anti-fake system. The system can get the information feedback from the tag. When you want to confirm whether the goods are in formal channel, you only need scan the RFID tag. Then you can get the answer.

The tags give the business more indemnification between the enterprises and customers. At the same time, they bring us more convenience and benefit.

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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