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Product Code: xyt-371

RFID Alien H3 Waterproof silicone industrial UHF laundry tag


Descriptions: RFID silicone tag with 3M sticker

Product Introduction:

  • Material:Silicone
  • Dimension:50*15*1.8mm
  • Weight:1.4g
  • Color:Gray, white, blue or customized
  • Production process:Molding with a chip
  • Surface process:printing,laser,UID,adhesive(3M)
  • Package:400pcs/box; Box dimension:230*60*50mm (paper box)

Product Features:

  • Working frequency:840~960MHZ
  • Standard agreement:ISO 18000-6C,EPC Class1 Gen 2
  • Reading distance:3m (fixed reader)
  • Chip:Alien H3
  • Working life:Reusing
  • Working temperature.:-20º~+100º(100º/30minutes)


This tag is designed for product tracing customized products. It is composed of silicone material, and a small chip inside. It is good for fixed on a curved object with
holes or adhesive. Save the manpower cost, easy product tracking, quality management, import and material control, make the enterprise production and process management optimization.

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