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Product Code: xyt-270

Dual Frequency(UHF+HF) EM4423 RFID NFC Tag

Basic Feature

EM4423 corresponds to the latest generation of EM Microelectronic contactless devices, bringing innovative features to the NFC and EPCTM worlds. The chip combines two functionalities on one single die, the EPC technology used for long-range application purposes and the NFC used to exchange data in a proximity range. Both protocols may share a common unique ID.

Available MaterialSoft PVC, PET
Available Antenna Size72*23mm,57*25mm, 30*48mm,86*30mm etc
Operating Temperature-25°C to 70°C / -13°F to 158°F
Available CraftLogo/Number /QR Code / UID Printing , Data encoding , Anti-Metal Epoxy Surface etc
AdhesiveAcrylic, water borne adhesive
Adhesive Usage Temperaturemin. -20°C to 80°C / min. -4°F to 176°F
Qty/RollMini 1000pcs per Roll
Core Size76 mm / 3“
Shelf Life: minimum of 2 years from the date of manufacture in20°C / 68°F, 50% RH


  • One-step NFC/EPC inlay manufacturing
  • Dual-interface memory access (NFC and/or EPC)
  • EPC for fast data collection & long range
  • NFC access to consumer data and secured access (e.g. digital signature for tag and product authenticity)
  • NFC field powering option for increased UHF performance and reading range
  • NFC access counter readable through EPC air interface
  • Enhanced privacy features including EPC Gen2V2 “UNTRACEABLE” command
  • Large User Data – more than 2Kbit

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