Dia30mm NTAG213 Anti-metal Blank NFC Sticker

Product Code: Dia30mm NTAG213 Anti-metal Blank NFC Sticker

Dia30mm NTAG213 Anti-metal Blank NFC Sticker

Basic Feature:

NTAG213 NFC Sticker fully utilizes the NFC technology, which is high bandwidth, low energy consumption, and has the advantages of high security, quick certification linked and low price of the chip.
Reading a range of NFC Sticker is 2-5cm (related to the size of the antenna and power of the reader).
NFC Sticker can be read by Samsung NFC Smart Phone, Will also work with all other NFC smartphones such as Nokia, HTC, LG, Sony,  Blackberry, etc.

IC Ntag213
Memory 180Bytes (Total) 144bytes(User)
Frequency 13.56MHZ
Material PVC
Available Material Paper ,PET
Antenna Size Ø 22 mm / 0.87〃
Die-cut Size Ø 30 mm / 1.181〃
Available Die Cut Size Round:
NFC Chip Available MF 1k / 4k,MF Ntag203 /213/215/216 ,mf Ultralight /-C,MF DESFire 2K/4K/8K,MF Plus-X /S 2K/4K ,TI2048,SRT512,FELICA-LITE-S,Topaz512 ,SLE 66R35,SLE 66R01
Operating Temperature -25°C to 70°C / -13°F to 158°F
Craft Anti-metal,3M glue
Available Craft Number /QR Code / UID Priting ,Data encoding ,Anti-Metal Epoxy Surface etc
Adhesive 3M glue
Adhesive Usage Temperature min. -20°C to 80°C / min. -4°F to 176°F
Qty/Roll Mini 1000pcs per Roll
Core Size 76 mm / 3“
Shelf Life: minimum of 2 years from the date of manufacture in 20°C / 68°F, 50% RH


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