Which is the best among the printing files for RFID products?

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As we all known, printing files for RFID products have many saved forms, and the common ones are AI and CI. For printing process, the file form is critical part that relates to the quality and accurateness of the products you want. Maybe you know designer always accords to the draft you provide to arrange manufacturing.

In the video, we will show you the form transfer. Many customers who have cooperated with us always remember to send our sale persons in AI and CI form, so that the order is so successful. However, for some customers who do not know too much about the file form for RFID products, they may mistake the form. This not only affects our manufacturing speed, but also is not good for our customers. So how important a standard form!

All in all, we hope to receive the suitable file form for RFID products from you before you confirm the order. But if you could not solve it, you can also send the HD pictures. Certainly, no matter which problem you meet, just free contact with us, we are still here. 

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020