RFID Token Tag, Chips TK4100/EM4200/T5577/EM4305, Access Control Management

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RFID Token Tags own various styles, colors and sizes. Custom tags could be provided for you as your request.

The detailed information as the following:

Material:Eco-friendly ABS

Available Frequency, 125khz(TK4100/EM4200/T5577/EM4305); 13.56mhz(Mi fare S50/S70, Ultralight, PLUS, DESfire,Ntag213 ,Ntag213,Ntag216,Topaz512,Desfire 2k/ 4k /8k,Plus-x /s 2K/4K); 860-960mhz as well.

Available Size:43mm x 30mm x 5mm,36mm x 29mm x 6.6mm,41mm x 33mm x 4.3mm,37mm x 30mm x8.16mm.

These RFID Token Tag are Waterproof (IPX4). And we can provide you free key ring and logo, silkscreen logo, number, laser grave number, inkjet number. The operating temperature is usually -30°C to +80°C. Our own certification, IEC 14443 TypeA, ISO 18000-2, ISO 9001:2008.             

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Last update: Dec 25, 2020