What is the RFID Tag Price for Different Chip

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Today one of the most advanced technologies that have revolutionized the field of communication is radio-frequency identification (RFID). It is one such technology that makes use of radio frequency waves in order to transfer the data between reader and any movable item for the purpose of categorization, tracking or identification. RFID is very fast and it does not require any kind of physical contact between the tagged device and scanner. Moreover, this technology offers easy accessibility and therefore its uses can be significantly seen in money transaction processes at ticket counters and in shopping malls. Other than this, there are many applications where the uses of RFID technology can be seen widely.

However, one of most important concerns related with RFID tags is their price which in-all depends upon the type of IC chip being used and the overall performance of the device. Normally, RFID tag price varies from 50 cents to $50 and that also depends upon the application and volume of the order. Sometimes their value is also decided by the manufacturer according to the type of RFID tags. 

Generally, there are two types of RFID tags namely active tags and passive tags and their RFID tag price differ a lot because of additional requirement of batteries and sensors in active tags compared to that of passive tags which simply requires antenna for communication. The price range according to this categorization generally varies from 30 cents to sometimes more than $100 per tag. 

Also, RFID tag price may vary according to the encasement type (metal or plastic) and the amount of memory on the tag. Though, the price fluctuation according to this not varies too much and there may be an increase of 5 to 10 cents per tag. Moreover, if the tags are implanted in a label on which bar codes can be printed, the prices may vary again. Low frequency and high frequency tags also cost a little more than the actual price. However, when looking at the benefits of RFID technology, the cost of the tag cannot be the determining factor. Also, the return on investment can be taken into consideration even if the RFID tag prices are high. If the ROI is ten-fold, then it’s worth to invest in the RFID tag.

Last update: May 13, 2020

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