RFID Pet Tags To Help Finding Lost Pets

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The RFID pet identification management system, independently developed by our company is based on RFID and network technology. It uses a PET chip as an identification to give a fundamental solution to the pet loss, abandonment and supervision. We use ear tag and hang tag in traditional pet identification. It has many problems such as lost, small amount of information and complex modify. Compared with the traditional way, the grain size PET chip has the advantage of unique identification, large amount of information, simple operation, quick and accurate read, can’t be counterfeited and good appearance.

The chip is implanted into the animal subcutaneous through syringe with a unique identification code as the pet’s identity during his life. Using the reader, we can send information to a computer system to achieve the automatic recognition and analysis of pet’s pedigree, identity, master, reproductivity, health and epidemic prevention information and further achieve the informatization of pet management.

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Last update: May 04, 2022