How To Print RFID Inkjet White Card By Printer Epson And Cannon

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The printing way is easy and saving. If you have one Epson printer or Cannon printer, you can easily make personalized card, such as name card, meeting card, working card, anniversary card, etc.

Firstly, you need link your printer with the computer, and then send your picture to your computer. Of course, there are some simple setting processes. But I think you can make it easy. When everything is ok. You should put some tray in the printer. Ok, now click the print button, you can see what you want.

Yeah, that is interesting. Image one beautiful photo you take for your friends could be made by you. Oh, it is cool. 

If you want to have a try, just contact with us. Of course, I will help you, when you meet any products problem.

Last update: Dec 09, 2019