2.4GHZ Frequency RFID Active Electronic Temperature and Humidity Sensor Tag

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Here is the RFID active electronic temperature and humidity sensor tag, which is widely used for cold chain logistics, food safety management, blood thermostatic control, real-time monitoring granary, harsh environment temperature detection.

Except the Software, here are two mainly hardware to introduce today.

Firstly, it is the RFID sensor tag, and it looks very small and light, which dimension is 74×36×10mm and the working frequency is 2.4-2.5GHz. And it can detect the temperature from -40℃~80℃ with accuracy 0.1 and detect the humidity from 0~100% with accuracy 0.01%. The detection range is 100 square meters from top to bottom 3M.

Secondly, it is the Reader, which dimension is 200*200*60mm. It can get the temperature and humidity data from sensor tag, and the reading distance is about 50m. And all of Data will be transfer to Service and Cloud Server, so that you can check the temperature and humidity anytime and anywhere.

Besides, we can also develop the Custom System for PC or PC for Mobile as you request.

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020