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Waterproof RFID Tags Are Popular In Damp Environment

Waterproof RFID Tags Are Popular In Damp Environment

RFID tags are commercially used around the world. These tags enable the users to track the location of the tag bearer with the help of its receiver. The tags emit radio signals carrying the details of its location when triggered by the receiver. They not just emit radio signals but can also store information in them. Thus, each RFID tag can reveal the information when its ID is entered into its signal receiver. This helps users to track particular items in almost any condition whether freezing temperature, heavy dampness or extreme heat.  


RFID tags were incapable of working in humid or damp conditions as this tapered with the radio signals and moist air corroded them from the inside. To counter this functionality hindrance waterproof technology was introduced to RFID tags. This was aimed to boost the operation of RFID tags and make them immune to dampness which often posed difficulty in reading and transferring data through them. The waterproof RFID tags worked successfully in such damp environment. These tags being waterproof can easily tackle with the moist air and damp conditions of coastal areas. Most of these tags are made of PVC and laminated polyimide to protect them from getting damaged from water corrosion.


As its robust features are extended to fully functionalize in the wet conditions, the waterproof RFID tags are successfully utilized for laundry purposes too. These tags can be tagged to clothes with the owner’s information which keeps them from being mixed up with clothes of other people in the hotel industry and commercial laundry services. 


They are also used by clothes manufacturing firms to ensure control on counterfeiting, supply chain management and processes. Unlike other RFID tags which cannot work in damp conditions, only waterproof RFID tags can withstand moist conditions which make them a popular choice in cold and damp areas.

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