125khz T5577 Epoxy Access Tag with Small Ear

Product Code: xyt-149

125khz T5577 Epoxy Access Tag with Small Ear

Sic Feature

Epoxy Access Tag is about 3.2-3.8mm and the size is available.
T5577 can be programmable with 26bit/37bit facility code and number, free sample for testing.
26bit/37bit ID 125khz T5577 Epoxy Access Tag can be used in H ID Lock, Event/Festival ticket/Pets tag/SPA or Swimming pool key.

MaterialHard PVC+Epoxy
UID/Memory363bit EEPROM
Size/Thick30*34mm Thick 3.2-3.8mm
Available HangString/Lobster hang/ Ring lock
Encoding26bit/37bit facility code and number
CustomLogo Printing, QR Code Printing, Laser Engraved UID&Serial Number, etc.
Logo RequirementAI/CDR/PDF format Files
Available ChipsLF:TK4100,EM4200, EM4305,T5577 etc.
HF:ISO14443A--NTAG213/215/ 216, MF 1K S50/ 4K S70, FM11RF08, MF DESfire EV1 2K/4K/8K,
TOPAZ512,MF Ultralight / Ultralight C, MF Plus S/ X(2K&4K) etc.
ISO15693---I Code SLI/ I Code SLI-X/ I Code SLI-S/ Ti2048
Available SizeRectangle:
18*45mm/ 30*45mm/ 27*55mm/ 18*68mm/ 22*64mm/ 25*68mm/ 25*50mm/ 30*40mm/ 38*58mm/
54*68mm/18*45mm/ 25*35mm/ 25*40mm/ 26*42mm/ 22*45mm/
26*70mm/ 33*85mm/ 35*35mm/ 50*50mm/ 70*110mm/ 80*120mm
Round Size:
Dia18mm/ 25mm/ 30mm/ 33mm/ 35mm/ 40mm/ 41mm/ 42mm/ 43mm
Packaging10pcs/pack,100pcs/box, 1000pcs/ carton or custom


Access Control, Event/Festival Ticket, Pet/Dog, SPA/Swimming pool, Security Control, Lock Key

Regular Packaging:

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