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Where does the car use RFID tag?

Where does the car use RFID tag?

A car consists of a body, an engine, a chassis and electrical equipment. It's all about differentiating a car from a bad one, but people buy cars that don't care these, more about user experience and safety. Do you know that the experience and safety we care about are all closely related to our RFID tags? Now I'll tell you where RFID labels are used in cars.

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Automotive windshield rfid tag

The rfid tag of automobile windshield is attached to the windshield of automobile.

It is widely used in vehicle electronic environmental protection information card, high-speed electronic toll collection, self-service parking lot, vehicle free travel, vehicle congestion control and guidance, vehicle speeding and other illegal management, simple vehicle identification, vehicle annual review and tracing management, automobile financial mortgage assets management, used car management, etc.

Automotive windshield rfid tag


Radio Tire Temperature and Pressure Monitoring RFID tag


The real-time monitoring of tire temperature and pressure can be realized by using RFID technology and temperature and pressure sensors. There are two kinds of electronic tags for wireless tire temperature and pressure monitoring:


Built-in wireless tire temperature and pressure monitoring RFID tag:

The sensor label is built in the tire near the valve. The original factory will work with the valve. The sensor RFID label is powered by battery. The measured tire temperature and tire pressure are transmitted to the receiver by wireless transmission, and then displayed.

External wireless RFID tag for tire temperature and pressure monitoring:

The external monitoring principle is similar to the built-in one. The difference is that the sensor is not hidden in the tire, but screwed up like the valve cover. Like the tire pressure gauge used when inflating, it also supplies power to the sensor rfid tag by battery and transmits signals through wireless, which is displayed after receiving by the receiver.

Radio Tire Temperature and Pressure Monitoring RFID tag


Electronic RFID tags for automobile tyres


The RFID tags of automobile tire can solve the problems encountered in the process of tire identification and traceability. At the same time, the RFID tag can write the tire production data, sales data, use data, refurbishment data and so on. At any time, the corresponding data can be collected and read through the terminal, and then combined with the corresponding management software, the tire life cycle data can be recorded and traced.

There are various forms of rfid tags for automobile tires, including implantable (in the tire forming process, the electronic tags are implanted into the tire interior, which can withstand the deformation, high temperature and high pressure during tire forming and vulcanization), and also fitted type.

RFID tag


Pressure sensor rfid tag


The seat pressure sensor rfid tag is attached to the seat cushion.

Compared with the traditional pressure detection scheme, the intelligent passive pressure label can not only detect whether there is a person on the seat, thus systematically prompting passengers to fasten their seat belts, but also determine whether children or adults are sitting on the seat by weight detection. This information can be sent from the RFID tag reader to the vehicle control unit, and then optimize the angle of airbag release to enhance safety.

RFID tag

In addition, there are many kinds of RFID tags, such as automobile intelligent key RFID tags, automobile lamp RFID tag, liquid level detection RFID tag, humidity sensor RFID tag and temperature sensor RFID tag. And these labels are indispensable for us to consider whether a car is safe and has a good experience.

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