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What is the Application of RFID System for Public Transportation?

What is the Application of RFID System for Public Transportation?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification has been in existence for years but in the recent time, RFID technology has been finding diverse applications in different verticals. The information in the RFID tag can be read easily from a long distance. It does not require being within direct line of the tracker or reading device. RFID usually comes in two parts, first is label or tag and the other one is a reader. RFID tags are attached to a transmitter or receiver with a built-in microchip that stores the data. To read the transmitted information on a tag, an interrogator receives the signals using an antenna and encodes all the data. This system can increase productivity and reliability with accurate scanning. 


The key benefit of RFID technology is that makes the handling of goods, materials and their purchases easier. RFID technology is now used in almost everything, it can scan purchases, it can pay your tickets when you are cashless and enhance your social networking experience. So, it is not surprising that RFID is currently being used for transport management. RFID ticket system for transport supports secured authentication, accurate billing, and ticketing. It has been widely used for public transport, you can now use RFID card as your ticket. The card is read through a verifying process and the authentication checking system. After traveling you can recharge or top up your card when needed. It reduces transaction cost in case of payments. You don't need to carry cash to make payments. 


RFID system is better in reading tags than bar coding. It can store or re-write over the original signal data for baggage handling while traveling. RFID tickets are 100% accurate in terms of real time reading. Unlike magnetic devices, RFID terminals are compatibly more reliable and help to a reduction of maintenance time rate. RFID tags are attached to the bust and read through the reading device, and then the reader will get the route and arrival time of the bus. Being connected to the main server, a reader can get the idea of where the bus is going to stop along with the transaction information. For those who travel a lot, this exceptional system can help them travel without the hassle of carrying the cash. 


Paper-based transport system can face different malfunction in the system, but RFID is an automated system that performs highly accurate tasks in a cost-effective manner.

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