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Solutions for Encoding and Encryption of RFID Reading and Writing

Solutions for Encoding and Encryption of RFID Reading and Writing

In this video, it shows four solutions for RFID encoding and encryption of RFID reading and writing. Firstly, it is 3DES, which is generic terms for “TDEA, Triple Data Encryption Algorithm”. The second one is NDEF that especially designed for NFC technology. The tired one is EPC belonging to UHF. And the last one refers to MF Code changing.

Smart card encryption locking software code on the users’ really important data provides comprehensive, high security protection. It begins the encryption principle of a new, credible software protection model.

Smart card encryption locking software protection scheme, PC-side application software key code and data, "disappeared", will be safely transplanted into the smart card hardware dongle protected. When needed, the application software can be instructed to run a smart card encryption locks hardware key code and data calls through functional engine and returns the result, which can still complete all the software functions. Because these codes and data on the PC side no copies exist, and therefore no way to guess the decryption algorithm or steal data, thus ensuring the security of the entire software system to a great extent. In short, the smart card encryption locks provide a credible solution to ensure the safety of software encryption theory. 

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