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RFID tags make new retail more dynamic

RFID tags make new retail more dynamic

Since the introduction of new retail, convenience stores in the market have ushered in a huge upsurge of innovation. Driven by capital, the major convenience stores have accelerated the frequency of opening stores, accelerated the extension expansion, and developed rapidly. New retail convenience stores have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain.

With the rapid development and innovation of "new retail", the application of RFID tag is more and more extensive. As an important part of unmanned technology, RFID tags are also a trend in the future. Among them, RFID tag is an indispensable technology for new retail. The purpose of RFID tags is not to satisfy the gimmick of new retail "unmanned supermarket", but to bring consumers a better shopping experience.


RFID Technology


1. RFID Tag Enhance Consumer Shopping Experience

Because RFID tags are tags with their own data, RFID is an entry-level tool in new retail exploration. And not only convenience stores, many clothing stores, warehousing management is also using RFID tags.

Clothing stores will insert RFID tags, which are not easily perceived by the naked eye, into the laundry labels of clothes. Each tag corresponds to the only clothes, and the dynamics of the clothes are clear in the background. In this way, the management of clothes is realized, and the data support is provided for the analysis of customers'consumption preferences.

In addition to better data creation, RFID tags can also help new retailers bring better shopping experience to consumers.

In 2018, ZARA launched smart fitting mirrors, self-checkout and online purchase order self-service. The interactive floor fitting mirror with RFID (video recognition) system in the store can detect the RFID tag information on the customer's hand-held clothing, so that customers can see the actual fitting effect and provide matching shopping recommendation. At present, Zara has gradually introduced this AR augmented reality experience to 120 flagship stores around the world.


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2. Monitoring perishable goods with RFID Tags

Whether it is new retail or traditional retail, it is essentially a retail industry. In this industry, quality and service are always the first. Boxed horses are fresh because of successive food quality problems, brand image once fell. As a new retail with the advantage of technology, it can not timely and accurate insight into the freshness of food, which is the most unsatisfactory place for consumers. But now, RFID tags can help solve this problem and monitor food freshness in real time.

Recently, researchers at the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a wireless system called RFIQ, which uses cheap RFID tags widely used in hundreds of millions of products to detect food contamination without any hardware modification. Researchers hope to popularize food safety testing to the public through this simple and expandable system.

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In the future, with the development of technology, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned containers and unmanned freezers using RFID will be laid more widely. Under the stimulation of new air outlets and more scenarios, RFID will be applied in the new retail industry on a larger scale.

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