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RFID Disposable Wristband for Access Management in Festival

RFID Disposable Wristband for Access Management in Festival

RFID disposable wristband is designed for different applications including healthcare management, membership management, and access control management. The RFID wristband tags are used to access control in recreational venues, amusement parks, and concerts as well. This wristband can offer automatic data capture that boosts the overall efficiency of the system and thereby reduces the cost and hazardous errors. 


A disposable RFID wristband can procure different benefits to ticket holders as well as organizers. For instance; it can reduce queuing time, gain real time access and cut costs by decreasing staff members required for manual tracking of guests. On comparing with the reusable RFID wristband, these wristbands have a large potential market because of their exceptional features and functionality. Thus, these can bring more convenience and effectiveness for access control management.  


There are different options available for you for this particular tag that includes mf Ultralight, mf Classic and iCODE chip types; all serve different purposes and can be used for high-frequency RFID system. The variety of styles and sizes are there to choose from with or without fastening of a button. The transponder is also embedded at the backside of the band to transmit a signal on request monitoring. 


With the development of science and technology, these RFID wristbands have now combined radio frequency and smart card technology.  They are manufactured in red, purple, yellow, orange and blue color. The option of customized color codes is also available.  RFID disposable wristband with ID code can operate at 13.56 MHz working frequency and can be read at a range of up to 2m. 


On the whole, RFID disposable wristband is made with 100% quality and security to access control in various events, parties, occasions and festivals. These products are highly cost effective and can perform greatly. 


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