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Printed RFID Tag with Advanced Factory Printing Artwork

Printed RFID Tag with Advanced Factory Printing Artwork

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a very useful and innovative labeling and product tracking technology which is finds its application in many organizations. Many firms supply their products to government as well as to industries so they are required to use RFID technology so that they can easily identify their products at the time of storage and shipment.


RFID is an exclusive automatic identification technology where the digital data is encoded in the form of a smart label or RFID tag. It is recognized by a reader using radio waves. Just as RFID, bar code technology also uses radio waves to capture information from tags, rather than optically examining the bar code on a label. 


Basically there is an RFID engraved in label stock. Before printing, the printers communicate with RFID tag and encode its data to it and after then organizations get the printed RFID tag


It is very similar to a simple print shop, where you send data to printer of what you require to print. Similarly, RFID printer also offers information which you require to encode the tag. After that printer codes that data and then reads the tag to ensure that it is correct and prints the required image info on the tag. 


The technology which is required to get printed RFID tags is growing continuously but still some research has to be done. It is very important that its material prices require dropping before printed RFID tags can be provided commercially and before they print directly onto packaging. Though, once these two milestones are attained and it gets available at affordable rates then this technology will become the best across the globe. Few people believe that one day RFID tagging will become invasive throughout the supply chains for almost every kind of goods.


There is very much possibility in the future that printed RFID tags will come directly onto the packaging once its demand goes up and costs come down. 


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