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Metal Mount RFID Tags, Durable with Available Applications

Metal Mount RFID Tags, Durable with Available Applications

The metal mount RFID tags can be used on products made with different type of metals. Using these tags, you can calibrate various materials and renders durability in many aspects. These tags can be tracked, read and inventoried in a simpler manner and they also offer greater range. Typically, these RFID tags are durable and rugged and can also be customized. 


Such types of RFID tags offer exceptional performance on metal surfaces. RFID tags with 13.56 MHz or 125 KHz versions are also available nowadays can be used for various types of application and even work in harsh environment. These tags offer high performance and reduce the asset management problems. It can withstand weather as well as the harsh environment.  Moreover, it is easy to weld, screw or attach these RFID tags.


Most of the metal mount RFID tags have self-adhesive 3M glue on their back side that aids to fix to on any of the metal surfaces. With their special design, unique shapes and wide range of sizes, they also found application in railways, truck, metal container and various other fields. By attaching these tags to any surface, data can be collected and can be used for tracking of goods. Usually, it is manufactured in 3 sizes (31mm*46mm rectangular), (30mm*70mm rectangular) and (diameter 26mm round). Apart from these, other sizes can also be designed depending upon the requirement or specified application. 


In addition to this, the metal mount RFID tags are available in ultra high frequencies as well as high frequencies and these tags also possess read and write capacity. It is even possible to mount them by using adhesives or simply by bolting the tags.Its applications may include IV stands, metal pallets, forklifts, containers and warehouse racking too. Asset tracking is their added advantage. 

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