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Is UHF RFID Tags Price More Expensive Than HF Tags Price?

Is UHF RFID Tags Price More Expensive Than HF Tags Price?

In the recent years, UHF RFID tags price has experienced strong growth and high volumes. The pricing of RFID tags is heavily dependent on the amount of memory used to make the particular tag as well as its volume and packaging method used to pack the tag. For example, the costs of tags rely on the plastic or embedded packaging. Usually, HF tags price is more expensive than any other RFID tags. It is so because HF tags come with the special protective housing and have long battery life too. 


HF RFID tags can work fairly on objects and available to you in different frequencies and sizes to fix on various surfaces. These tags can work at a distance of about 1m at an optimum level. These tags can find its applications in various spheres including patient flow tracking, tracking library books and transit tickets at variable costs depending on the quality of work. HF RFID tags prices are generally cheaper than other RFID tags price as they are smaller and perfectly suitable for the authentication system. These tags can transfer data at higher rates, but when they come in contact with metal and water, their data transfer rate gets reduced. In an addition, its price ranges from $ 0.20 to $ 0.30 per tag.


UHF RFID tags are the most recent development in RFID tags generation. The UHF RFID tags price costs as little as $ 0.10 per tag, though they need more power to operate. Thus, UHF RFID tags price is much less expensive than HF RFID which depends on many factors like security features and memory. For high tag-to-reader ratio with applications, UHF RFID tags can render compelling cost advantage. 


On the whole, RFID tags are embedded in thermal transfer label where manufacturers can print bar code, but whether it is HF RFID tags or UHF RFID tags; prices rise to about 15 cents.


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