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IBM Launches A Block Chain Truck Tracking Solution

IBM Launches A Block Chain Truck Tracking Solution

IBM launches a block chain truck tracking solution, and the Internet of things + block chain is transparent for the transport of goods.


IBM has announced a partnership with Columbia logistics solutions provider AOS, which is developing a block chain + Internet of things (IoT) solution for logistics enterprises.


According to AOS innovation director Ricardo Buitrago, we use IBM Blockchain and IBM Watson to track the source and status of freight cars and goods. This solution records transaction processing and goods information, and provides transparency for the delivery process.


IBM CTO George Baer Galla (Jorge Vergara) explains, "having the right hardware, software and cloud environment can protect our customers to ensure that the block chain is secure". "CTO" We are fully thinking about how to ensure as much security as possible and to ensure the highest integrity. "

What is the working principle of the solution?


Buitrago indicates that the van will install the RFID label, which contains the vehicle data, the consignor's name, and the details of the goods.


The IoT sensor will track the delivery process and the available space of the truck, and record the data on the block chain so that all the related parties can access. According to IBM and AOS, this process is usually carried out manually, which is slow and prone to error.


Buitrago told Coindesk, "trucks will be sealed with barcode, barcode information will be put into the block chain and used as a safety index to measure whether the load changes. In addition, we are considering registering the GPS signal for each vehicle to record the route and increase the traceability data. "


This solution integrates Watson's IoT system of IBM to check some factors, such as weather and temperature, which may affect the schedule and expected delivery time.


By 2020, the value of IoT in the logistics industry is expected to exceed 10 billion dollars. A report by CISCO and DHL estimates that IoT will reach 1 trillion and 900 billion dollars in the logistics industry and supply chain.


Logistics companies often lack hard data that can reflect their shortcomings and the loss caused by the transport cycle. Buitrago also said: "getting this information will be one of the greatest benefits we can bring to the implementation of the IoT solution in the logistics operation."


But as the block chain becomes more efficient and generates more powerful network effects, the next challenge will grow.

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