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EM4305 RFID Proximity Card For Access Control

EM4305 RFID Proximity Card For Access Control

With seal RFID chip inside, the tweaked UHF Gen 2 RFID cards guarantee high recognizable proof precision while keeping light weight and slim.

Good with Class 1 Gen 2 Protocol, the UHF EM4305 RFID Proximity Card can spare time and expenses, while elevating the region security. Also, the UHF card can be perused from long scope of up to 3.5 meters. By utilizing RFID user, it is proficient for access control application in light of the fact that each keen card can be identified effectively and precisely.

For access confirmation, it guarantees that every one of the guests’ information can be seen from the host PC, keeping the building office security. With a capacity ability of 96 bit/512 piece/2000 piece, the UHF RFID card can be perused and written in the whole verified holders’ data, for example, name and get to time.

With a minor size of 3cm by 4cm and a little gap, the scaled down UHF EM4305 RFID Proximity Card takes into account effectively connect to keyholes. Also, it can be utilized as a part of wide range applications, for example, business building, healing center, entertainment areas and voyage ships and an assortment of different applications where access confirmation is crucial. 

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