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Applications of UHF RFID Tags

Applications of UHF RFID Tags

UHF tag has many advantages: it can recognize high-speed moving objects, can also read multiple objects at the same time, and has strong penetration, anti-harsh environment, strong security, confidentiality, reusable, large data memory capacity, Therefore, it is widely used in many industries, so today Ottage will take stock of the application fields of UHF RFID tags as follows:

1. Automotive windshield disassembly label (vehicle management)

Through the special short-distance communication between the vehicle electronic tag installed on the windshield and the radio frequency antenna on ETC lane of toll station, the computer networking technology and bank are used for background settlement processing, so that the vehicle can pay the road and bridge fees through the toll station without stopping.

rfid tag

2. Ceramic Electronic Label (Electronic Identification)

Electronic license plate is an application of subdivision, extension and improvement of Internet of Things technology. An electronic license plate tag is installed on the motor vehicle. The RFID tag is used as the vehicle information carrier. When the vehicle is equipped with an authorized radio frequency identification reader, the data on the electronic tag is collected or written, which is an advanced technology to realize the digital management of all vehicles.

rfid tag

3. Fragile Anti-Transfer Labels (Anti-counterfeiting traceability of products)

Through the application of RFID technology in the production of enterprise products and other links, we can achieve anti-counterfeiting, traceability, circulation and market control, protect enterprise brand and intellectual property rights, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


4. ABS Label (Storage Logistics Pallet Management)

In the existing warehouse management, RFID technology is introduced to automatically collect the data of warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing entry, warehousing exit, warehousing transfer, warehouse transfer, inventory inventory inventory and other operation links, to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each link of warehouse management, to ensure that enterprises timely and accurately grasp the real data of inventory, and to maintain and control enterprise inventory reasonably.

RFID Tag of Warehouse Management

5. Silica Gel Label (Washing Industry)

Laundry label is heat-resistant and rubbing-resistant. It is mainly used for tracing laundry industry and collecting laundry conditions. The label uses silica gel packaging technology, which can be sewn, hot-pressed or hung on towels and clothing for inventory management of towels and clothing products.

6. High Temperature Laundry Label PPS (Washing Industry)

By sewing a button-like (or label-like) electronic label on each piece of cloth until the cloth is scrapped (the label can be reused, but does not exceed the service life of the label itself). It will make the user's laundry management more transparent and improve work efficiency. High temperature resistant laundry labels are widely used in textile factories, cloth washing and laundry shops, etc.

7. Copper plate hanging tag (garment management)

Introducing RFID technology into the existing garment warehouse management can automatically collect the data of various operation links such as arrival inspection, warehousing entry, warehousing exit, warehousing transfer, warehouse transfer, inventory checking, etc., ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each link of warehouse management, ensure that enterprises grasp the real data of inventory timely and accurately, and maintain and control enterprises reasonably. Inventory.

8. RFID Garment Mark Label (Garment Management)

UHF RFID technology can provide real, effective and timely management and decision-making support information for managers at all levels from the aspects of garment production, product processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, transportation, distribution and product sales. It will support the rapid development of business and solve most of the problems.

clothing RFID tag

9. PP Packaging Label (Live Bird Management)

UHF RFID foot ring electronic tag gives each live bird a unique "identity card", which can effectively prevent the food safety of live birds from seedling, quarantine, slaughter, processing to the traceability management of sales. Main application areas: It is widely used in poultry such as chicken, duck, goose and so on. It is widely used in food traceability safety supervision of seedling, breeding, production, epidemic prevention and distribution.


10. Strip label (traceability management of pigs)

Qualified pork white strips are bound with radio frequency identification traceability labels. The pork code obtained by radio frequency identification channel at the time of leaving the factory is automatically associated with the*RFID*ID card information of downstream vendors obtained by the RFID traceability machine. At the same time, the Integrative Machine is connected with the electronic weighing system to obtain weight, and the Integrative Machine prints the meat trade vouchers of the traceability system. The traceability code, weight and downstream buyers of the meat products are uploaded to the government traceability supervision system. Each piece of pork corresponds to the only merchant or operator, which realizes the information link between the pig entering*factory and the white strip leaving*factory in the slaughtering process.

11. Spring Tire Electronic Label (Tire Management)

The tire can be used as an effective data traceability carrier by embedding RFID tags. With the tire information database, the tire life cycle can be effectively managed.

rfid tag,rfid system

12. Dropping PVC Card Label (Intelligent Patrol Management)

The application of RFID technology can realize the electronic, informational and intelligent patrol work, thereby improving work efficiency and ensuring the safe operation of power equipment. It is suitable for enterprises, independent substations and centralized control stations to customize and manage equipment information, patrol tasks, patrol lines, patrol points and patrol items involved in Power Patrol inspection, so as to realize the standardization of patrol control and defect management, so as to improve the level of power equipment management.


13. Copper paper sticker label (airport baggage management)

The application of RFID tag technology to the tracking and management of airline parcels ensures that airlines can track and manage passengers'checked baggage and ensure that passengers and checked baggage parcels arrive safely and punctually at their destination.


14. Flexible Metal Resistant Electronic Labels (Asset Management)

Fixed assets are identified by using RFID tags, and the daily management and inventory of fixed assets are completed by using RFID reader to collect data. The whole process tracking and information management of the life cycle and use status of fixed assets are realized.


15.Molding Plastic Label (Medical Devices)

The direct advantages of RFID are obvious: for example, the number of devices lost will be reduced, and the time of manual counting will also be reduced. After the introduction of RFID tags to track each surgical device, hospitals can ensure the integrity and thoroughness of disinfection, avoid hospital risk, or the occurrence of medical accidents left behind by surgical instruments.


16. PET Label (Jewelry Smart Management)


In the intelligent jewelry management system of RFID, the RFID tag has a unique ID number. Therefore, after matching the tag with the individual jewelry, the precise management of individual jewelry can be achieved by identifying the tag. At the same time, UHF RFID tags have the characteristics of multi-tags reading at the same time. Therefore, through the construction of RFID jewelry management system, we can achieve rapid and accurate inventory of goods and efficient management of jewelry assets.

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