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About cheap RFID inkjet PVC white cards for sale

About cheap RFID inkjet PVC white cards for sale

AsiaRFID is a one-stop service factory in Asia. AsiaRFID can provide high quality RFID products and services. Our products are diverse, including RFID tags, RFID cards, RFID wristbands, NFC tags, NFC cards and other products. We have the cheapest price, the highest quality service and the most durable products.

Today, asiarfid will introduce you about the RFID inkjet PVC white card.

rfid black card

What is an RFID card?

The RFID card is encapsulated in PVC card by IC chip, induction antenna, and combines the technology of RF card and IC card to solve the passive and non-contact problems. When the circuit contacts, there is no such card and IC card equipment, but read and write through non-contact reading and writing. In addition to other embedded chips such as CPU, logic unit and memory unit, RF transceiver circuit is also added.

The attributes of RFID inkjet white card:

Item: RFID Inkjet PVC Card

Chip: Topaz 512, 13.56 mhz, NTAG215, etc.

Memory: 512 bytes

Material: PVC

Size: 85.5MM*54MM (support customization)

Thickness: 0.8MM

Color: white / blank

Write endurance: > 100000 times

Data retention: > 10 years

Reading range: 5-10cm

Whether Customization is Supported: Customizable

rfid inkjet pvc card

If you want to customize or order a batch of unique RFID cards, please contact us and we will introduce them to you in detail.

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