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125KHZ RFID Card Used For Door Lock System Management

125KHZ RFID Card Used For Door Lock System Management

The technology has evolved with leaps and bounds, and science has revolutionized various sectors around the globe. Technology has enhanced the security standards beyond beliefs and 125 KHZ RFID card is an example of the same.125 KHZ RFID card or also known as proximity card have been of great help to advance the security systems of various institutions. From hotels to corporate offices and banks to hospitals, proximity cards are being used extensively in order to keep valuables safe. 125 KHZ RFID card is a smart card as it runs on RFID technology which enables the card to function without inserting it into a device. RFID stands for radio frequency identification technology, and the devices that are based on this technology including 125 KHZ RFID cards are electronic devices that have embedded small chips that store data and an antenna which allows the transfer of data.          

By using 125 KHZ RFID card an organization can efficiently control physical access. These cards are state-of-the-art security devices that work on contactless mechanism. The user of the card just needs to hold the card within a few inches of the device or reader attached to the door. The card contains a unique id that is sent to the attached device, and then the device attached to the door transmits the unique id to a central computer that denies or allows the access through the door. This complete process takes fraction of seconds and can be said as easy as opening a normal door. The 125 KHZ RFID card is as thin as a credit card and works without a battery.

125 KHZ RIFD card offer the user double advantage of access control including physical as well as logical access. Door lock systems that are powered with RFID technology are of great importance to enterprises and organizations that need high security for their computers, networks and other essential resources. Usage of 125 KHZ RIFD card has reduced the overall security cost incurred by an organization. Apart from using these 125 KHZ RIFD cards for door lock system, they are also helpful for various purposes such as web authorization, email encryption, digital signatures and many more. 

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