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What’s anti-metal RFID tag? What's the functions?

What’s anti-metal RFID tag? What's the functions?

Anti-metal RFID tags add a kind of anti-metal material on the basis of the original RFID tags, which is usually anti-magnetic absorbing material. This material can prevent tags from sticking to metal objects and causing failure. The tags of this material are called anti-metal RFID tags. Anti-metal material is a special kind of RFID tag encapsulated by antimagnetic absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that RFID tag can not be attached to metal surface. The product can be waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, collision-proof, high temperature-resistant, stable and effective.

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Scenarios for the use of metal-resistant RFID tags:

1. Warehousing Assets Management

2. Indoor Equipment Management

3. IT Asset Management

4. Metal sheet management

5. Medical Device Management

custom anti-metal rfid tag

What are the functions of metal-resistant RFID tags besides high temperature resistance and stable performance?

1. Users can customize the standard data of anti-metal RFID tags to make the special application system more efficient.

2. The anti-metal tag of RFID is suitable for frequency hopping mode and has strong anti-jamming ability.

3. The effective reading distance of UHF Anti-metal RFID tags can be more than 8 meters (related to reader and antenna)

4. Anti-metal RFID tags are designed with ultra-wide working band, which not only conforms to the relevant industry regulations, but also can be flexibly developed and applied.

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5. It can read and write multiple RFID anti-metal tags at the same time (up to 50 Tags per second) without being affected by the number of tags in the workspace.

6. Storage area for users to encrypt, read, write, erase and rewrite operations, but also to open up a designated user-specific permanent dedicated word area.

7. Anti-metal RFID electronic tag does not need batteries, memory can be erased more than 10,000 times, effective life of more than 10 years, cost-effective.

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