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RFID Label Solves Anti-counterfeiting Problem in Clothing Management

RFID Label Solves Anti-counterfeiting Problem in Clothing Management

In recent years, apparel brand enterprises have become more and more difficult to survive, and many well-known apparel brands have closed or revoked their direct stores one after another. The main reasons that make clothing brand enterprises more and more difficult are the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, at the same time, there are very serious fake goods and channeling behavior in China. Because of the insufficiency of informationization level, it is difficult for clothing enterprises to control the circulation of products in the market, in order to solve the problem of fake goods and channeling goods. Some enterprises are beginning to realize that through the management of the RFID supply chain to solve the problem, the application of RFID tags in clothes, RFID chips can collect and store information, record sales trends, can quickly view the sales direction of this product, while the RFID tag code is the only code in the world, can effectively solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling enterprises!

clothing rfid tag

The product label based on RFID technology, combined with wireless communication technology, can realize the identification and tracking of single product, and then improve the function of enterprise information management system in the traditional sense. To achieve the effective management of single product, to enhance the brand and product value, enhance the anti-counterfeiting purpose of science and technology.

Fast identification: Fast identification of clothing is realized through RFID supply chain technology, which can improve the throughput of logistics transportation and speed up the transportation efficiency in the supply chain process.

RFID tag

Warehouse management: Fast and efficient warehouse management mode needs RFID automatic identification technology to fully meet the application.

Information Sharing: Through a unique and non-conflicting garment identification code, a standardized data query procedure is established to allow the identification codes related to garment information to circulate in all information systems, so that all current information systems can exchange information with each other in such a mode, so as to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and reciprocity.

Quality traceability: Garment quality differences exist under the same production standards. The clothing with problems should be traced back to the source to determine the crux of the problem, so as to avoid the same problems happening again.

Product Filing: Using RFID reader to collect data automatically, we can establish complete product files including garment manufacturing process, production process, quality control data and other detailed information.

Not easy to forge: Because RFID tags are embedded with tiny large scale integrated circuit chips, and chips are carved into unique codes when they are manufactured, and the investment of tag packaging equipment exceeds 10 million, the cost of forging RFID tags is huge.

Encapsulation forms are varied: RFID tags can be encapsulated in various forms, which is conducive to being loaded into commodities; and they can be made into vulnerable forms.

RFID tag chip

Fast inspection: RFID tags support wireless, batch, fast scanning, and can instantly check the information of goods without opening the packaging, making anti-counterfeiting inspection simple and fast.

Support traceability: The RFID chip can carry a large amount of data, so it can record the data information generated in the whole circulation process to achieve traceability function.

Data security: Through the proprietary RFID data transmission protocol and encryption mode, the data stored in the RFID tag can be guaranteed to be read only by the authenticated device.

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