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How to protect your credit card from being scanned ?

How to protect your credit card from being scanned ?

Using a credit card requires more protection than a debit card. If your credit card has a large amount of credit, if you happen to have stolen your credit card and eventually become overdue, your personal credit rating will affect your future purchase of a house, opening an account, going abroad, and buying a train ticket.

1. After receiving the credit card, you need to sign your name on the signature area on the back of the card. In this way, once the credit card is stolen, the bad guy will take your card and the cashier may not refuse to swipe the card if it is inconsistent with the signature. If you later generate a stolen brush, your signature may not be your responsibility.

2. Some credit cards are password-free for default POS transactions, so the best phone banking setting is called entering the password when you are swiping. If you have good memory, regular replacement of your password is the best policy.

3. The last three digits behind a credit card are CVV (also called CNV, CVV2) codes, which are very important. The CVV code is more important than the bank card password. In the online shopping, the card number, validity period, and CVV can be used without a password. Therefore, the Card Gods Group recommends that friends stick the CVV code with a sticker, or tear off the three digital copies. On your own book.

4. Don't take photos on the front and back of your credit card to others. Try not to use credit cards to receive money from outside. Once your credit card information is revealed, it can easily be stolen by others.

5. Be sure to open a credit card SMS notification. A single transaction will be notified in a timely manner. If you find that it is not your transaction, call the bank immediately to freeze/lost this card.

6. Once the credit card is found to be abnormal, as stated in Article 5, it may apply to the bank to stop the payment and report the loss of the card.

7. The credit card bank and customer service number must keep in mind that if something happens to be called at the first time, we must also guard against scams from other numbers.

8. The expired card must use scissors to cut off the entry of this card to ensure that its card information is not leaked twice.

What are the important roles of CVV ​​and CVV2 code? Because in different trading scenarios, CVV and CVV2 codes are as important as passwords.

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