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Different Specifications of RFID Inlay Sheet For RFID Card

Different Specifications of RFID Inlay Sheet For RFID Card

In this video, it shows you some pieces of RFID Inlay Sheet. RFID Inlay Sheet is a special term in smart card industry, referring to a kind of beforehand laminated products with multi-layer PVC sheets containing chip and wire circle together.

Generally it consists of two layers or three layers, and without any printing design on Surface. Besides, they have different sizes and styles, and you can see different grids with many circles of Antenna. Certainly, we can arrange different plates and sizes as your request.

RFID Inlay Sheet is usually divided into two styles, dry inlay and wet inlay. Dry inlay features continuous web, no adhesive, and wet inlay is die-cut web with adhesive.

Our available Inlay sizes include 310mm*468mm, 400mm*55mm, 490mm*650mm. The smallest one is 210mm*297mm, and the biggest one is 650mm*490mm. Available canvas sizes includes 2*5, 4*5, 5*5, 4*6, 4*7, 4*8, 3*6, 3*7, 3*8, 4*8, 6*8, 4*10 etc

We can also provide customized products as your request.

More detailed information, please check www.rfid-smart.com 

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