125khz TK4100 RFID Inlay 5*5 Sheet

Product Code: xyt-151

125khz TK4100 RFID Inlay 5*5 Sheet


RFID Inlay Sheet, also called RFID card Prelam, contactless card inlay, as a core part of RFID card, we provide high-quality RFID prelam which they are suitable to ISO standard cards and made into different thickness and various layout for option.


  • Material: Metal / PVC
  • Chip: TK4100
  • Memory: 64bit
  • Frequency: 125khz
  • The Size of inlay: 210*297mm, 310*468mm, 400*505mm, 400*354mm, 490*650mm, or on your demands
  • Layout: 2*5,4*5,5*5,4*6,4*7,4*8,3*6,3*7,3*8,4*8,6*8,4*10, or on your layout.
  • Thickness: 0.3mm,0.35mm,0.4mm,0.45mm,0.5mm,0.55mm,0.6mm etc
  • Antenna to Choose: Aluminum or Copper Antenna.


For smart card making

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