125khz LF Reader for Access Control System

Product Code: xyt-106

125khz LF Reader for Access Control System

Normally, the ID Card has 18 digital numbers,like; " 0008139804;124,13340 "; But for customized, here is different ID format like 18 digital, last 8 digital or Hexadecimal. We have the 125khz special reader which can choose different ID format like as below.

10 no.in D0008139804
10 no.in reverse0473201664
8 no.in HEX007c341c
8 no.in HEX reversec143c700
8 no.in D08139804
00+8 no.in D0008139804
5 no.in D13340
18 no.in D000813980412413340
13 no.in D0000008139804
10 no.in HEX00007c341c

Technical parameters
Working Frequency125kHz
Reading Distance10cm
Output FormatHexadecimal, Decimal, WG26
Working temperature-40℃ ~ +80℃
Store temperature-60℃ ~ +85℃

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